Killing the KBD Solo

For the first time I went into the wild last night to face off against the KBD alone. Killed it 4 times (seperate trips). Still, pretty good for my level I think. Unfortunatly I just got 105 fire runes, addy plate and 2 15 Blood Rune Drops.

Anyone know how often they drop d med? I heard very often, like 1 in 5… but that seems unrealistic to me.

They drop them like one out of a thousand…

Congratz on killing the KBD solo four times… that’s always an accomplishment looking forward to… Sorry to hear that you didn’t get any d med drops… well, good luck next time…

d med drop is 1/70 i think

Well fairly rare…


Congratz on soloeing the KBD. Now try it twice in a row with no food runs :cool:

gj killing the kbd on your own, but whats up with the “youve been frozen thing?”

its 1 in a 121

Man, Congratulations on killing the KBD solo, It must be really difficult, I have no idea of how often KBD’s drop Dragon Medium Helmets though…

lmao the kbd is in the desert in shanty pass he is killing a king black drag in the wildy he got all of yall

Gratz on killing him solo I did that once well i sorta had another person helped me but he accidently unequiped d fire shield and died b4 i had 5 hits on kbd
i didnt get a med either :frowning:

congratz on killing the king black dragon…and nitte, the kalphite queen is in the desert south of shantay pass lol

Wow freaking nice. I wish I could solo it. You were using melee too thats really good. I’d probably range it from a distance if I were to even attempt it lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats on killing the kbd…that must be a great accomplishment because of your lv…that sucks that you didnt get dragon med though…i guess you just have to kill a lot more…good luck on getting the dragon med…and congrats again…

Wow great job on killing the King Black Dragon all on your own!! Lol I don’t think I’ll EVER be able to do that in this lifetime, at least.

Ranging the KBD is not repeat NOT a good idea, cuz if u have a decent bow u cant wield a dfire shield and he will hit real high, like 2 hit kill.

Moved to screenshots.

3k1 posts.

And that, my friend, is why we have anti fire pots, just remember to top up often :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

~ ewok

Congrats on soloing the KBD.
Also, I love those stats! :slight_smile:

actually, the kbd is in the wilderness, hes in lvl 44, go down the ladder in the lesser cage and pull the lever in the small room with poison spiders.

there is no black dragon that i know of in the shanty pass, so ur totaly wrong and made a total fool of yourself…

congratz on soloing the kbd, ive never tried, i might be able to if i tried i guess