Killing the monster under the bed

I just killed the monster under the old mans bed!

If your wondering why I only have a rune hally it because it’s the only weapon i was carying.

So what happened?

He killed it duh.

…After he killed it…

yea but what andy means is did he get any reward for killing it … duh :smiley:

I tried kicking that bed, but that monster was just too strong… :eek: :eek: :eek:

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

After I killed it I talked to the old man and he gave me Hitpoints XP…

how do you kill it is the question!!!

lol funny.
sickmate 8)

lol funny
sick mate 8)

um its sickmate 8)
sickmate 8)

Lol good work

sickmate 8)

is that for a quest? or… well i dont know so can you tell me, im a little newbie

lol yeah is it real ?

yea what is it? and where cus theres like full Saradomin armor on that knight thing in the corner

Well the old man told me to kill the monster under his bed… So I did.


were is that place anyways?

yea but that really doesnt answer any questions…what old man, what quest if its from a quest, what bed…

I’m confuse were what how?!

how can I fight the monster under the bed? I kicked the bed like 9128347 times and it almost broke so… how do I attack him?