~ Kills From Both Characters ~

Here are some random kills from both characters that I haven’t posted yet. Nothing special, just some kills and ownage from solo trips and RSR trips…

A full rune teleporter:

Chaosnoob and I were fighting this level 104 - he ended up tellying:

Foolbird and I fought for fun - he had about 1/2 food left, I had like 9 lobs.

Nice Job pking all those ppl. How many deaths did you get from foolbird?

wasn’t astroboy the one that killed me? ffs… he got my lobs… =(

Well, Keyser was with us for a while. Foolbird, Keyser, and I all went to Greaters. We found a level 85 full rune and started killing him. He said “I’m not running, my clan will be here”. He wasn’t kidding. We got swarmed by 20-30 high levels. Foolbird and I ran west, Keyser was caught in the middle. I came back moments later in the midst of a large clash of rune, and I killed a mage. I also found some mage gear on the ground, and picked it up - thinking it was Keyser’s. It wasn’t though - Keyser lost a few hundred deaths I think. I got like 40 deaths, fire staff, few hundred airs, natures, etc…

keyser brought a few hundred death? ROFL

nice pics, gj. also lol at slayin the lvl 104, keep it up geez!

ROFL! lvl 104 teletubby!

good 1 archas keep up the good work like usual

nice archas, i wish i could pk that, the best ive er gotten was an addy pl8

very niice dude

Yea, Chaosnoob and I gave that level 104 a run for his money, and then he did - run for his money…

so thats what u were doing when i wanted to buy my mith sword…

phr33 st00f ploxz0rz!!!

lol great job archas, like always

Lol Keyser died…
knowing him hes gonna pk in a phat next.

pking is da best!

Whao, i was in the back ground of thatfirst pic :slight_smile: Own3d jo0h 0wns you!!!

Nice pk’s =P