Killzone - Anyone Play It?

I have recently been addicted to this game i finished campaign ages ago but the battlefields multiplayer mode is actually more fun than when i first played it. BTW when you play multiplayer, do you play as ISA or Helghast? I personally prefer ISA because the rifle is more accurate.

I heard about this game on the T.V and it looks cool im ganna get it soon most likely on my birthday

i like to teamkill on killzone, its funner then killing the other team.
also on battlefront, when som1 is a on ledge throw a grenade and they’ll go flying off

get socom2 and coming aug 15 socom3
they’re better then killzone

i play with both but i prefer ISA more but i wish the gun that they start out with had at least one grenade for the grenade launcher.

Well i think ISA dont get a grenade launcher ammo with the rifle is that the story is that their outnumbered and underpowered so the helghast have more ammo. BTW whats everyones favourite weapon?

the big gun that whats his face use it luger? no rico?

Yeah Rico uses that massive machine gun.