Kind of leaving...

Hey everybody… I’m actaully kind of quitting RSR… For I have created my own forum. You might be sad, happy, whatever. BUt I’ll still be checking in here on RSR once in a while… If you want to check it out, click here. I had a blast while I was here! Lol :smiley:


NO! Malibu! Don’t leave us! You are a great member! Please! Well if you are leaving, bye!

Lol Redwraith… I’m not completely leaving… I’ll still check in on the forum here… But I’ll be spending a little more time on my site :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey I apologize y’all for double posting… But I want people to notice that I’m leaving!! Lol :smiley: don’t ask…


:open_mouth: It cannot be! Ah well, you can use 2+ forums at the same time. I use this, sals and Tesni’s.

~ ewok

Well I wish you wouldn’t spend less time here but since you are see ya around.

aww man dont completely leave, your like always posting and your a awosme member here, but anyway, good luck with the new forum site

Lol i’m not completely leaving… And thanks :slight_smile:


:frowning: another member leaving…
oh well, you said your still gonna check here sometimes, so i guess thats ok…

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooocoughoooooooo o oo oo

dont leave

off-topic is sals website

Don’t leave… but at least you won’t be completely leaving, since you’ll still be on here now and then. Good to know you had a blast here, and i hope you continue posting daily… also good luck with your forums.

Aww…dang Malibu. well…i guess ill seeya later. dont forget to get on RSR every now and then!

Noo way I’ll never forget RSR! And more importantly the people here at RSR… Also y’all will probably hate it… But at least check out my website pleaseee? lol :slight_smile:


however much away u r going i’ll miss u

Aw thanks I 'preciate that :smiley:


Sigh…I hate to do this…We’re going to have to lock him up to make sure he doesn’t escape :frowning:

Lol oh no please don’t lock me up! starts to cry :stuck_out_tongue: