King Of The Hill

This is an official invitation.

After the release of Castle Wars, I had an idea for a similar arranged battle, like Castle Wars, but for all players. This isn’t an official Jagex thing, but more like a clan war than anything, but not a clan war.

I am arranging a King of The Hill style wilderness game for next Thursday, January 20th on world 30, beginning at 8:00 P.M. EST. The game works like this:

When people show up, they will pick one side to be on. Good, or Evil. I reccomend choosing based on your personality. Good will wear red capes, Evil, black. There will be two games. Each one will last exactly forty-eight hours. In each game, one side will begin the game in possesion of a location (Chaos Temple most likely). Good will hold the location at the beginning of the first game, Evil the second. At a given signal, both teams will fight for posession of the chaos temple. Death will not remove you from the fight, and you may rejoin, so long as you have the appropriate cape for recognition. Each side will be led by a general, and if they wish can request lieutenants under him for better organization. The winner is determined by whoever has the most commanding officers in the location in question at the end of the game. The spoils: whatever you take off a dead opponent, you keep.

Post here for questions. There is no sign up, entire clans can join in, and you can be any level. The Chaos Temple will be in level fifteen wilderness, so this should be interesting. To play, just show up at the appointed time.

See you guys in the wilderness. :twisted:

eeevvviiilll wot a weird game

Sounds like a really good idea!

It’s not really that wierd. Whoever has the most commanders in the are you have to try to capture (Chaos Temple for sure, just thought you’d wanna know) wins.
And you can’t get removed just by dying, so the battle goes on, and on, and on… :twisted:

thats freaking awsome! but how do you know ppl will do it?? i meen if i walked up and wanted to play the game. how would the ppl know not to attack? or do u just jump into the fight? like attack ooposite capes.
and also how are many people going to find out about this event?