Kingdom Hearts!

its just a little picture i whiped up in 5 min so its not that good
no meaning just for kingdom hearts fans

and tell me if i need to make it smaller =P
and rate it plz

Well, considering it isn’t your work, it is good. I wouldn’t reccomend saying it is your picture anymore.

actually i did make it
well… i took pictures of players then put them togeather =P if u loo closly the place ment and the cropy isnt done well =P

Well in that way, then not bad. But you didn’t say you took pictures and pasted them. you just said you did it in 5 minutes.

well, it’s actually not too bad, considering u put all the charaters together in 5 min.

thats a fun game

yea that game is awesome, cant wait till KH2 comes out
10/10 i love it :smiley: :smiley:
im glad you put in the halloween town sora, that was my fav lvl

i like finall leval best me and my friend beet hole game the first mounth it came out

nice 10/10

i like kingdom hearts so i give this a 6.5/10

All things end in time!

that game was leet 8)

that a cool pik

yea dont take credit for drawing them


You copy and pasted work into 1 picture…1\10.

kingdom hearts rule!im on halloween town.just got the game.nice idea bad work.1/10

Copy and paste, not all that hard.

That was a good game lol i beat it 3 times

Im really disappointed that the new one came out on GBA…i dont really want to buy it now

He got it at kingdom and posted it here he did not do any of it.

for the last time i did make it! and i dont really care about the 1/10 =P
and i did not get it from kingdom