knights of zamorak

:smiley: welcome my good people. if you bow to zamorak this is the clan for you! wars wars wars!!! that is what we do. we attack other clans. koz needs strong recruits if u belive ur strong than join. to join u must prove urself worthy by going through the intitiation. it would also be best if u were a pure at fighting. we will exept all ppl who prove worthy and are over lvl 18. we meet in the chaos temple of varrok in world 50. if u cannot find the caos temp[le than u are not worthy for u do not kno were the ritual spaces of zamorak are. we have mascots they are: all demons, imps, dark wizards & monks of zamorak. i am the clan leader even though i might not be a high lvl i know wat im doing even more than lots of ppl of higher lvls than me. my runescape name is gr8fx add me to ur buddie list. message me and say all bow to zamorak so i know to add u to my buddie list but plz only say that on runescape.:smiley:

theres already a clan for zamorak…

well duh there is…this is just one of them.