Knights Templar

Old clan- 4 years old. Reformed recently, over 30 members having to rejoin because of new site. Low requirments but no noobs. Well organise, some parts are hidden from ordinary users, eg: The high council can only be seen and accessed by admins which i will choose. Have a look and see if yoiu want to join, thanks,
Shaolin bezz

Uhhh, there’s already a high ranking clan called Knights Templar lol, I’d suggest you change your name :wink:

who wants to know what the knights templar realy are wll ill tell ya.

[b]knights templar:[/b]
the knights templare were a group or rouges whoo used to guard the secret of the holy grail .those who believ the grail was mary magdolin(the da vinci code will explain) belive that they used to protect her and the other ecrets to do with the grail.they were part of the priory of sion who were the keepers of the grail and its secrets.

yea theres already a clan named this…meh sowatkillme nice research :slight_smile:

Yeh there is, look on in clan discussion and theres lots of talk on them