Kung Fu Fighting!! in the Wilderness.

Sorry I didn’t have the chance for my setup event om March, but I’m creating a new wilderness fighting event that will be cool involving with the new wilderness. Unlike other wilderness fight, it is “kung fu” styled.

Kung Fu Fighting!

When: April 29, 2006, 3:00 PM EST
Where: Mount Death, see map from Runescape website, east of Rogues Castle (world 89).

Meeting: Ardougne marketplace (we are going to use the lever and head due east)

Event: Wilderness fight
Members only: Yes
Type of fight: Survival to the fittest

Note: To make this more fun, download “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas and listen while fighting.

[li]No weapons and armour allowed (no melee, range, or magic armour or weapons and yes it includes fun ones), because it’s martial arts style and everyone must fight unarmed (cool if anyone can use these poles).
[/li][li]Prayer and stat boosting potions are allowed. Jewellry is allowed, prayer books are allowed, monk robes are allowed, boots are allowed, gloves are allowed (just to be nice, im allowing armoured boots and RFD gloves).
[/li][li]To make it like DBZ a little bit, I’m allowing you to use magic (the strike spells only, the ones use minds).
[/li][li]Food is allowed
[/li][li]Requirements: +75 combat
[/li][li]Any clothing fashion is allowed (i.e. pirate or mine outfit)
[/li][li] This was suggested by manifested08:

I’m allowing “regular” battlestaves (as i agree with him that they are similar to these “poles.”)


Anyways, there is going to be 50 people max here, there is a list below, state you name, runescape name, and combat level and ill add you in.

  1. Dark Paladin X (dpaladinx, lvl. 86)
  2. littlebro151 (miner hero18, combat level 89)
  3. Goku-Dinky (goku_dinky, 101 combat)
  4. ñͱrö§ ØxÍÐê (ninjai3000, cb 75)
  5. dca7789 (unknown, combat 81)
  6. Tarchy (unknown, level 118)
  7. Bananamatic (Bananamatic combat 80)
  8. manifested08 (unknown, lvl 80 cb)
  9. Guthix Own Joo2 (Masterataker, Combat:95)


Why female use “kick” style, and im gonna come, littlebro151, miner hero18, combat level 89

2.) littlebro151, miner hero18, combat level 89

I might, I might not so put maybe next to my name

Goku-Dinky, Goku_Dinky, 101 combat

3.)Goku-Dinky,(goku_dinky, 101 combat)

Ok I’m going to remove that rule

awww. how come its members only? i wanna come too! but soft! i dont even have that cb lv yet

you gotta be so gay to actually go along wid this…

lol, i agree…

sweet… ninjai3000, cb 75

Yeah, why? Do you even attempt to fight a lvl 172. black demon without weapons or armour?

I’m also going to invite other players in Runescape, so im putting this event in the Runescape forums at jagex site.

i might attend just tell me what happens if we cant get on cuz we have to work? oh btw im lvl 81!

sign pked up eevn tho i have 25 str :slight_smile:

Thanks for the invite, but I’m going to be on a plane at that time.

Rofl … I might start playing RS to be apart of this.

If you want a old level 118 just PM me :stuck_out_tongue:

Always flaming someone…

I would come but I cant, cant log on RS.

I’m setting up enforcers, consist of 10 people, anyone caught breaking the rules will result being killed (i.e. attacking with a schimmy).

I cant let you in unless you state ur combat lvl

BTW, those who signed and haven’t give me runescape name, give it to me ASAP.

im lvl 52 :expressio

then you cant enter srry.

aw poo thats ok :slight_smile:

just to let you know, if i dont get between 25-50 ppl here (and 5 enforcers), i may have to cancel.

Someone in Runescape forums already accused me for tricking.

I need your runescape name, unless if your RSR name is ur runescape name, you can tell me.