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Welcome to kungfumunky’s text sig stall, the best sample of my new type of “text” sig is my current sig. I can also make avvys like this one:

I would suggest letter by letter for avvys and word by word or phrase by phrase for sigs.

Please fill out this form and your sig will be finished in the next day to 2 days

Background color:
Text color:
Font: (from www.dafont.com)
Animation (word/ letter/phrase):


Sig/Avvy: Sig
Background color: Red
Text color: Blue
Font: (from www.dafont.com)
Words: I love kungfumunky
Animation(word/letter/phrase): word

Sig/Avvy: Sig
Background color: Black
Text color: White
Font: (from www.dafont.com) Base 02.
Words: --Like omg, seriously…–
–Kungfumunky owns me with his words.–
(Each line is a phrase.)
Animation (word/ letter/phrase): Word

Sig/Avvy: avvy
Background color: black
Text color: white
Font: airlock
Words:die ch00b
Animation (word/ letter/phrase):letter

Sig/Avvy: Avvy
Background color: Black
Text color: White
Font: "Sell Your Soul"
Words: C R U N K
Animation (word/ letter/phrase): Letter

Hope that’s clear enough for ye.

oops i think i posted twice look down

Okay, here you go Brad


and swordsmann


Crunk, I forgot to get ur font so ill have that2 morrow afternoon sry

sry to dublpost but i need to bump

Nice ones MunkY!

what? do u want one mr.sir kind fello sir poohole

:covereyes… Yipee! It’s done. I love it; thanks! :smiley:

no problem ty

Title edited Leet removed, leet is not allowed.

Background color:YELLOW
Text color:blue
Font: (from www.dafont.com)anykind i dont mind
Words: lax owns
Animation (word/ letter/phrase):um lax owns?

Can I get one like yours Kungfu

but with these words (like in Malibu’s)

Haven’t You Heard?!?!

There’s Another Monkey in Town.


lol ya sure

heres laxers


And remember to pm me it also just in case.



Thank you Kung.

no prob 4me

4me…that didnt work how bout mb4m nah…how about monkeyboy4me yes!

holy crap thats kool
thanx kungfumonkey