Landmark Amount Of Users!

I just took it! 8500 registered users! Thats insane!

wow! realm is getting bigger!

soon 100,000 members :wink:

I think you mean 10,000 also today RSR got its most ever users online :smiley:

oops thats what i ment

RSR has been growing so much recently! I wonder how many members RSR gets on average per day…

Infiltrator, there has been 55 user added today alone, im guessing nearly 75 on the weekends. And there 7001 people who havent posted 5 or more times, so we have about 1552 active user, you having the most posts! Your one in 1552, oops, now your one in 1553, Lol. Were practically multiplying!!!


wow, thats nice!, keep it up!

this is great that it is growing

  1. i can keep myself entertained talking and enjoying more pics and movies
  2. making more friends to trade with and conduct trading
  3. learn more techniques for grapic art.
  4. hopefully the more popular the site is the more money this site will get and it might be able to expand and become better and better

and i would like to say thank you “rpg market” for having a little link down the bottom that brouht me t this wonderful site


Cant wait to meet even MORE pepole. :smiley:

awesome go RSR

Awesome! RSR is really starting to grow!

Awesome, this site is getting bigger…much bigger. Soon we will have 10,000 users! W00T!!

Wow thats alot of users!