laser tag discusion and scores

im goin to laser tag soon ive been ther b4 so when i get back ill post my rankings but other then that just talk about laser tag

scores are in:
game 1:
hit you:35
you hit:28

game 2:
rank: 21
hit you: 62
you hit: 19

anyways my first game of it i was at a friends b-day and i placed 2nd place in my first game 1 rank behind my friends brother and 1 rank after my friend

How can you be behind your friend’s brother and your friend, if you’re in second place? I’ve played it a few times… the most recent time, my gun + sensor things weren’t working so I had no deaths or kills :c

lazer tags ok…but paintball is better

Yeah, laser tag is nothing after you’ve played paintball. The past 3 times I’ve played laser tag I’ve gotten 1st in all the games, but I still don’t like it.

Paintballing is so much more fun, and it gives a huge adrenaline rush.

my mom wont let me play paintball

Then try airsoft.

air soft is kool, cause some of the gunz u can get looks kool :stuck_out_tongue:
like u can get air soft carbines, i was like 0.o

Game 1
Rank: 1
You Hit:132
Hit You:21

I’m a pirate.

haha you got owned in second game you must have been playing 133t h4xorz

when I played they didn’t have the same scoring system it just said I got 1600
so I dunno what that means.

He’s not good. Apparently has no skills with weapons.

Then again. I do.

Obviously since you are a pirate and everyone knows pirates rule

game 1
rank 1
you hit 100
hit you 3

it was a big arena :slight_smile: