last 5 songs you listened to

  1. everything is alright- motion city soundtrack
  2. private eye- alkaline trio
  3. stupid kid- alkaline trio
  4. blood red summer- coheed and cambria
  5. can’t repeat- the offspring

as you can see i like punk rock>

Hmm I don’t really remember the last 5 songs I listened to. I’ll just list 5 random songs that I like

  1. My Humps - The Black Eyed Peas
  2. 99 Luftballons - Nena
  3. Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song (German)
  4. Come Out And Play - The Offspring
  5. Sie Ist Weg - I don’t know really. It’s some German band.

Jet Pilot- System Of A Down
B.Y.O.B - Soad
Chop Suey - Soad
Hypnotize - Soad
**** The System - Soad

I’m in a System Of A Down mood :smiley:

Last my song I listened to:
[li]Who i am hates who i have been - relient k
[/li][li]Dirty little secret - all american rejects
[/li][li]Stick with you - ***** cat dolls
[/li][li]Photograph - Nikelback
[/li][li]hung up - madonna

uhhhh… the last 5 songs on crimson by alkaline trio? :stuck_out_tongue:

~:crazy: spartan

Wake up Mister West- Kanye West
Heard Em Say- Kanye West
Because I got High- Afroman
Burger King Carol of teh Bells- Unknown
Dragostea Din Tei- O-Zone

Mine were all cheesy christmas tunes. =P.

  1. Finch - Three Simple Words
  2. The 69 Eyes - Lost Eyes
  3. HIM - Soul On Fire
  4. Thrice - Music Box
  5. Skindred - Nobody

ignition remix-R kelly
here now-Jin
lose yourself-eminem

  1. Mercy Me - Alkaline Trio
  2. Time to Waste - Alkaline Trio
  3. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo - Bloodhound Gang
  4. Say it Ain’t So - Weezer
  5. Hysteria - Muse
  1. my hump by black eayed peas
  2. maria mena miss your love
  3. westlife you raised me up
  4. madonna hung up
  5. eminem hailies song


  1. HIM - Funeral Of Hearts
  2. Fireball Ministry - Guts
  3. The Rasmus - Guilty
  4. Veda - Still Standing
  5. Veda - Safe

All of the are Fort Minor on The Rising Tied CD.
Back Home
In Stereo
Where’d You Go
Feel Like Home

Collide - Beneath the Skin
Collide - Crushed
Collide - Euphoria
Collide - Halo
Collide - Wings of Steel

Collide FTW!

[ul][li]A Question of Heaven-Iced Earth
[/li][li]Chop Suey-System of a Down
[/li][li]Under The Rose-H.I.M.
[/li][li]Circle of Fear-H.I.M.
[/li][li]Hey You-Pink Floyd[/ul]
Randomizer =D

The band is Die Fantastischen Vier - The Fantastic Four.

  1. big machine: the goo goo dolls.
  2. ride the lightining: metallica.
  3. angry again: megadeth.
  4. why don’t you go get a job?: the offspring.
  5. smells like teen spirit: nirvana.
    metal and rock ownz!!!

diamonds-kanye west
hangman-motion city soundtrack
some kind of monster-mettalica
enter sandman-mettalica
wings of the butterfly-H.I.M.
…did i spell mattalica wrong? :confused: lol

1.vincinty of obsisity - system of a down
2.dreaming - system of a down
3.mother****er - dwarves
4.adidas - korn
5.surfaceing - slipknot
fave 2 bands, KoRn system of a down

Running in the 90’s-???
Keep Away-Godsmack