Last hurrah bank picture

Here is my final bank picture:




Oops, did I mention it was a fake? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol kinda fake :stuck_out_tongue:
I wish I could have that bank :slight_smile:

Lol i woulnt care if it was real in rsc, i hate rsc is pointless, but lol nice lol fake lolololollloll

Ok, im sorry archas and other mods but I have to get this out of my system. **** you volver, rsc is much better then rs2, so **** off. Btw nice fake you got there archas :stuck_out_tongue:

^ Thanks f00b :slight_smile:

And Volver (a.k.a. ogothefat2) has been banned.

Wow nice bank!Bad luck it’s fake,rofl…

y was he banned agian??

Who got banned?

Volver thats who

Oh yea, he spammed way too much.

Ooh nice…Did you only edit the numbers? Cause if you did you still got a darn good bank. Shame it’s not accessable :(. Oh and Volver also did alot of flaming and tried(almost did) shred the forums apart.

whats the paper thng in bottom right corner…

whats the paper thng in bottom right corner…

^ A certificate, each certificate is exchangable for 5 of a certain item, similar to notes. In this case, each certificate represents 5 cooked lobsters…

nice fake 10/10


I think its filthy to trash talk about people behind their backs…
and btw sport, who is a hacker.

Sportfreak was kidding…

Your RS name is Ogothefat 2… lol weird…

on topic: nice fake lol, every player dreams of that bank!!

Lol, the amount of party hats kind of gave it away… but you must have 1 of each, GrEaT bAnK yArG!

omg…dribbles i wish i had that!!