latest pictures from the kbd

enjoy it i died after the 5 one soi am happy

hmmm yes good work…

omg theres a uncut sapphire n the ground in the pic! didnt u pic it up??! lol jk but nice work.

are those burnt lungs on the floor…or maybe cannon ramains…?

Lol good luck with lobbies and no prayer and rune scimi lol!!!

Very nice, did you get anything good? By the way, what are your stats?

lol…i remember the first time I went to kbd…i got grilled:)

well there was only 3 of us and the highest lvl was lvl 75 so we died when it got down to about 5 hp =]


here are my stats guys i am kinda a noob (above)

by the way i was the 1 who hit an 9

I only seen a kbd once and I ran lol

yay lots of star wars fan and i love it

um thedot u r weird