Latest sig

Here is my first pixel stretch sig:

Edit: Better version


That’s your first? I could swear it wasn’t… Hehe. Anyways, it’s not too bad… :melodrama

My only problems with it is that the text seems to be a little small (unless you intended it to be so,) and if you were following Alias’ tutorial, it seems like you didn’t set the layer with the motion blur of the render to “overlay.”

Otherwise, keep up the good work :D.

I was following his tut and i know i kinda forgot that i will create another. I am currently working on a Mario vector.


That is awesome Nicko. I like the AVP render, but it needs to be blended in.


Looks good! May I ask what program you use?

Good Things
[ul][li]You got the concept of pixel stretch down pretty good[]Nice render![][/ul]
Bad Things
[ul][li]The render has little white dots around it.[*][/ul]
So, 7/10! :slight_smile: