Latest Sig

Please look guys! I lovvvvvve it! And I made it without a tut!!! rate /10 please!

Ooh. I thought it was made by Jlec19 because he uses that girl in most of his sigs. 8/10.

agrea with sirkillalot 8/10

very ncie but how do u make sigs?


Feathering around the render makes hair look fluffy. Fluffy is nice :smiley:
Pretty well blended. Did you use a full layer overlay with yellow?
I like the brushing.

The line on the left. I don’t use it unless I have text in there.
The website texts are barely visible.
The dots in the line on the left are probably opacity 10% because it took me 3 times to scan over the sig to see it.

Yeah I put the opacity down. Also I knew I stuffed up the subtext, beh just click on my sig ;). Also they’re scanlines.

do use use paint shop pro 7?

That red and yellow on the left side contrast terribly. Apply a gradient map on overlay, because that just messes it up. It’s too vivid.

There is no red on the left side.

no i cant c any?

I cant see any red… on the left side.

M.ystery where can u c red on the left side?

M.YSTERY cool ur ratings down here a bit cause chaos gfx is so much better then us

Guys m.ystery is right it is too contrast the red. You guys can’t see that???

Wait hold a second do you mean by her hair and shoulders etc?

The dots it’s a low opacity red.

that? I thought it looked good…

pretty cool but dont like text. 8.5/10