Latest War!!! WG ALLIED!

Hope you like em!!

nice did u die?

Woah! it was so close, I nearly died because of stupid team mate.
But other than that we flogged em!

How was the lag?

Thanks for almost killing me guys.

O god don’t even ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i didn’t attack you. Did you wear a blue cape?

Nice pics. What clan were you versing?

Rivendell in the green (enemys)
Legend legion in blue (allies)

cool, i never been in a clan war

i was supposed to be there but i quit ff after the clan offended me

except for the little thing that rivendell friggen cheated and brought twice as many clans as was sposed to be allowed -.-

Oh man, I read about the war but then I thought I couldn’t make it, but I was over my friend’s house for his birthday party, and he has optimum online, super fast cable (no lag on rs!), but then I missed the war!!!

Here’s a few more pics…

lots of pic
lol iced almost got killed :lol:

man that would be fun can i join up with some one and is the armour provided or food at least?

Sorry calenal but you were attacking team in the wild… and we apologized to you a milion times lol

Anyway the war was kind of stupid… I mean really… it was mass chaos

WOW!!! It’s awesome… i wish i could b there to take all stuff u ppl dropped…lol :smiley:

Ya thats some better pics for ya.
Nice, I only got a rune long lol.

everyone scattered and it was confusing! you didnt have to curse me out!

That’s nice!