Law March!!! 27 ess for 27 ess and 27 laws

Big thing Happening now! If you have 27 ess, go to port sarim, world 66. there is a huge line of ppl because of the “law march”! if you go to entrana and follow the line still, youll go to the law altar. ppl in zammy robes will be giving 27laws and 27 noted ess for 27 unnoted ess. go to drayonor, put em in the bank, unnote the esss, and do it again. You get 27 laws each time, for the cost of 27 ess! This is one of the biggest, non-jagex-caused things, in the history of runescape! Act Now!!!:duh: :duh: :duh:

ummmm… its been like this for a loooonng time, its not somthing new


ya im waitin for them to strart natting thts what i wanna get in on

if only i was p2p…i need laws


Lol, the w66 law crafting company is always online, this isn’t a great happening or whatever

:drunk: this has been going on for months:drunk:

New world added to the company though 99 less crowded.

Make it quicker and complete Troll Stronghold, you get you laws in 10secs rather than standing there like a plank for 1-2mins waiting for an open crafter


what an idiot!!! nice find dude!!! THIS WAS A TRULY REVOLUTIONARY FIND!!!ZOMG!!

yea, lol… people have lawrunned in a long time, but nice find dude:)lol

um I believe this was invented about 5 months after runecraft came out :stuck_out_tongue:

uh yeah, its called ess running, nothing new at all. If you would want money youd run for lvl 91+ crafter that will give you double nats+cash+ess for the ess.

It’s called Fast Free Laws

You found that out now???
I make so much profit i solkd 300 laws 75k!!! and i got 300 laws so fast (like 30-45 mins)

man your slow right when making laws came out this started

ya im waitin for them to strart natting thts what i wanna get in on

Umm dude, nature running has been going on for almost as long as law running. I think it’s world 96, not sure, but you get something like 52 nats every 27 ess ebcause the ones crafting have the level required for 2 nats per essence.

It’s world 91 as far as I know for natures, and you get 40 natures for 25 essence, or 38 natures for 24 essence :slight_smile: … That’s what it said on their topic in the forum anyway.

Yeh I’m one of them zammy people giving 27 laws and 27 noted ess lol.

When I’m 91 rc (wow that wiull be a long time) I’m going to do the nat thing. That will be good xp.