law running world 66??

well i just got scammed 675k a while ago and now im left wit full rune… anyway i was just wondering do i haft to do any quest or anything to law run?? anyway ty

nope all you need is 27 ess (i guess pure ess now) and youll be fine. Although im not sure if law running is the same after the update, im sure it is though

kk ty bmac

If you’re making them then you obviously need the tally which you get from one of the troll quests.

But if you’re running them then all you do is take 27 unnoted pure ess, give to an open person, they will trade you 27 noted pure ess and 27 laws for your 27 unnoted ess, basically your getting 27 laws free :smiley:

Sell 500 laws for 100K.
You can mine about 1500 essences a day.
And you can Runecraft them all the second day.
1500 x 200 = 300,000 OMG
So in about 4 day you can pay it all back.
Hope this helps!!!:cool: