Leading a clan (Question)

After leading a clan for one month, I have a question for other clan leaders or repersentatives.

Which do you think is better:

A Ruling Council OR A One Leader Clan

I ask this because after one month at the head of my clan I have been voted out of leader ship by a level 10 noob, who turned the other three members of the ruling council (lvl 10, lvl 20, lvl 25) against me.

NOTE: The clan I referr to is Mineurs De Falador, I’m not sure how their going since I left Wenesday, but I no longer support the clan.

Let me know your thoughts on this…

i think there should b 1 leader but its sad that u got voted out by a lvl 10

I believe that there should be a ruling council, with a main leader. But the main leader should carefully pick their council so as to prevent being overthrown. Also have a system so that if something is completely unreasonable it can be overruled.

Make a democracy.

And Lord, I would be honored if you would join the Gods of Glory, you are a very admirable person from what I’ve seen.

Have 1 leader, but a council of advisors. If you have a clan, make yourself a leader, but have a council of advisors that you trust. Make it clear that you are the leader, but the council or whatever you want to call it can make suggestions. Good luck with your clan! :wink:

~Infiltrator4 :ninja:

yup you should have a ruling council. But the leader should have most of the power.I dont even think you want to be in a clan with lvl 10-20-25 counil members…

Council is the best way for clans to run - but you need people committed to the clan - not their own glory. Our clan Masters of Dragons, has 2 admin (site maintainence), 1 Leader & 2 Vice Leaders (all three of which have admin powers) and 4 other council if you include the warlord. Our clan runs pretty dam smooth in my opinion and there is not too much reliance on one person.

We also have a recruitment team, event management team, pk leaders team and a welcoming commity that are all over seen by either a council member or leader.

This system works well but like I said the guys have to be commited to the clan and they have to be willing to put in the hard yards.

In light of developments, I will be launching a PKing clan as a new project. Updates on this will be coming soon. Thanks everyone for the advice.

hehe i like council too but that only works in bigger clans…