Leaving RSR Topics/Good byes

Well a lot of people have been leaving lately and even though it is sad to see people leave, please do not make a topic for every person that is leaving RSR, it looks bad. From now on, post in here if you are leaving.

Lmao…There are about 3 more topics about leaving and no posts here =P

sorry iced but i recon if a member leaves it needs a seperate topic were losing a person its important! a section for it dont work the same :frowning:

I agree, but on the other hand potential new members may be put off from joining because of many people leaving so maybe this is a good idea. :confused:


I think if you have under 1,000 posts when you leave, do it here lol

under 700!

Um…Okay…Lol Youre over 1,000 anyways =P

Well, so far, it seems like this topic’s going off-topic itself… BTW, how are we sure people are going to use this to say good-bye… Some might feel offended by it and rebel and make a topic on their own…

yeah well there are still other highly respected members who aint over a 1000

:smiley: :confused: :expressio this thread is for people leaving thats the only thing it hasnt be used for lol.

Look, I don’t care if you feel offended because you don’t seem important because you use this topic, because I am getting sick of tons of people saying they are leaving for publicity and many of them coming back in like a month and making another topic. Starting now, any topics made by anyone saying they are leaving will be locked unless, they are an extremely respected member of RSR. I.e. HoL, mod, staff, over 1500 posts.

Well, I’m glad you managed to fix these rules a bit for others to know. It’d be a bad idea to use this forum as a good-bye forum uless under 1,500posts , and what Iced said. This topic could be misused but hopefully it wont. Good idea

u mean like me?

Oh so now I’m not important and don’t have over 1,500 posts? meh…my topic got locked, some people still had good-byes to say! If you’re wondering why im replying to this and why im still here, It’s simply because I had to check my PMs cus thats the only way some ppl can get contact of me. I was about to reply one further time saying good-bye to everyone who replied after I left until I found it was locked which according to you, wasn’t fair because I fit all the requirements. :slight_smile: Once again, my good-bye topic was not a Publicity stunt so you no need to worry about that.

Well I didn’t lock any topics yet so you’re talking to the wrong guy.

…I guess ill go talk to Archas than :slight_smile:

EDIT:Archas unlocked it nvm.

Choas, I know this is off topic, but don’t leave!

Lol, sry for being off-topic. Ill be here for another hour or so…have fun then :slight_smile:

Chaos are u still here, well anyway cya for 1 year LOL!!


This is stupid. Even though it does look bad to have people post that they are leaving. Doesn’t this look bad, everyone posting about anything but leaving? Why don’t I say something completely off topic like: I really don’t agree with the theore of realtivety. e=mc2 is totally wrong it should be c=ic2 (chrisak is cool x 2). AND I also really like hockey, I wish that the NHL would come, so shut up you baseball loving Americans Chrisak spits on ground after saying the word fellow Canadians call forbidon
I am done now, have a nice day :slight_smile:
And mod, admin, staff member, I don’t care who reads this, you can’t warn/ban/mute/whatever me for spamming unless you do it to all the other people who did the same. You can close this topic though :stuck_out_tongue: gotcha’!