I am leaving RSR due to the great scandal that occured. I dont think Duke should fake that many posts because that is just stupid! Sorry to you all! This will probably my last thread here in RSR.

Lol, your going to leave just because Duke is changing how many posts he has got? I hope you know how many posts people have doesn’t change anything. Just like you just made a fool out of yourself by saying such a stupid thing. There is no point in getting mad because he can do that and he did for the heck of it.

well thats a really dumb reason to leave…and how do u know duke changed his amount of posts??? and even if he did, what do u care

Lol. If you really want to leave just because he raised his post count…


What the hell? that’s not a reason at all, dude, and post count doesn’t matter for anything… Duke changed his post count, so what? Wouldn’t you do the same if you could?

You obviously put your post count at a much higher priority than necessary. Buh-bye.