Yay, I just made Legends last night. I am so excited. I go the cool cape and all. Also, my total lvl is now 1108.

Congratulations, IcedEarth! Way to go!

go you…your stats rock lol

And getting better everyday.

Dido lol :smiley:

Congrats :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


i remember my girlfriend doing the quest… when the demon first appeared, she panicked and drank 4 4-dose prayer pots in less than 10 seconds… :lol:

congratulations! Icedearth. Man… you are one of the best here at this site! :smiley: well done

lol i was so happy when i did legends too, congratz

Cool!Good job :smiley: .You should be proud of yourself. :smiley:

congrats! I bet it was really hard to accpomplish


Dont you love the massive amount of exp you get? I did ^.^


wow congratz! I’m sorta planning on doing it soon…just as soon as i get enough money to buy all the herbs its gonna take to get to level 45 herblore lol…

Sweet, well done Iced!

I recall chatting with you about getting your theiving up so you could do this.

Nice to see you got there. :slight_smile:


i heard theres a rune rock in legends guild true??

I gotta get my herblore up 9 more lvls, thieve up 10 more lvls, agiltiy up 11 more lvls…


Nice work! My friend just finished that too… he told me all about it… Congratulations!