Legion Of Dynastys

Im thinking about starting this clan, anyone got any suggestions?

A lvl that you must be to join. So you could get a solid clan.

offer aliegence if u do make 1 we will be ur allies black sharks im the boss

Ok well since im only lvl 74 i will have a req lvl of hmmmm 65 i guess lol. I have really good web design skills so once i get the clan going im gonna build a website for us. I have really been training intensively lately lol, i am trying to get to at leat 80 combat. i am curious to see how this whole clan things works out.

what is your rs name tesni ill play with ya a lil and we can talk about clans i guess lol, i need to get more advice, and i need to start recruiting soon.

i think the lvl you should have to be…about 50…around there :roll:

ok how about 55, that seems reasonable.

Ok now recruiting.

EDIT: sign up for the clan in my forums just to make it easier because its hard to keep track of this topic because there is alot of ppl that are active on this site. My forum link is in my sig.

EDIT2: oh yeah, eventually im gonna build a site for the clan, im really good with web design.

come on noone wants to join? lol

EDIT: i guess i will just talk to my friends on my f list and start it all back up again that way.

ok next mod to read this will you lock it so i quit posting in it lol, its dead ill try to recruit on here some other time.