Lego RuneScape PKing video 2!

This is another lego movie I made with lego ppl pking each other lol


Wow, that’s cool! Good work :smiley:

Thats awesome! … What you use to record it?

lol that mage owned every1

lol wtf dude u use rsr?

duuude that is the sweetest thing ive seen in a long time niiice

rofl that was awsome 1000/10

Lol, that’s pretty cool… I like how you showed what they pked like the cape and wep :slight_smile: Shoulda done more than turning into ice tho lol

loading …

what spell was the mage using?and if i were u i would make it more like rs spells

Lol, that’s hillarious. Ice Barrage - Lego Style =).

omg thats so cool!