Leonardo Da Vinci and the Holy Grail~

Let me start from the beginning and how I learned about this.

I’m not positive, but pretty sure what I’m about to say is true.

I’m reading a book, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. And the majority of the book on where she (the Holy Grail) is located and about a secret Priory that is the protectors of the Grail…

You may wonder, why did I say “she” in place of the Holy Grail. According to this book, the Holy Grail is Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’ thirteen disciples. As the Christian Bible (Written By Constantine) states, the thirteen disciples were men not women. But Da Vinci left a clue on one of his paintings, The Last Supper. The “man” seated in the place of honor, at the right hand of the Lord, is Mary Mangdalene. If you look closely, she has red hair, folded hands, and the hint of a bosom, thus proving she is a woman. She was considered a “prostitute” by many people, but she was never one. That was a cover up to protect her secret-her role as the Holy Grail. The Churches had to convince the world Jesus was never a mortal, that he was a divine being. And if any gospels described anything earthly about Jesus, they had to be omitted from the Bible. Those early gospels had one major, troubling, earthly theme. Mary Magdalene. And more specifically, about her marriage to Jesus Christ. The Last Supper By Leonardo Da Vinci, proves that Jesus and Mary were a pair. In the painting, Jesus and Mary are mirror images of eachother, Jesus had a red robe, and a blue cloak, and Mary had a blue robe, and a red cloak. Mirror images. Another “coincidence” is that they are joined at the hip, forming the symbol V shape at the focal point of the painting. Before the common male and female symbol, V was for female, and ^ was for male. The symbol V also represents the chalice, Holy Grail, and the female womb.

Here is a passage from “The Gospel of Philip”.

And back in those days, Companion, literally meant spouse.

Now, Jesus knew he was going to be captured and crucified, so he gave Mary Magdalene instructions on leading his church after he is gone. Peter, another disciple of Jesus, said Jesus was somewhat of a…sexist. But Jesus’ church was supposed to be built on the rock, Saint Peter. According to gospels, Peter wasn’t supposed to establish the Christian Church, but Mary Magdalene.

Back to the painting, The Last Supper

If you look at Peter, he had a problem with the Church being carried on by a woman. He’s leaning menacingly towards Mary Magdalene with a slicing gesture across the neck. And if you look into the crowd, you see a hand emerging from the crowd, weilding a dagger. But this hand is disembodied. It belongs to no one. Anonymous.

Here is a photo of The Last Supper. Circled in red is Mary Magdalene and the dagger.

I’ll continue adding more as I progress through the book.


I’m taking a shot in the dark. Haven’t read the book yet and therefore I might sound stupid.

How are you to know this is the truth? How are you to know that the last supper portrait is accurate? I mean… Was Da Vinci (he painted it, right?) at the last supper?

Who is Dan Brown? Is he a historian, politician, or religous leader? No, he is an author, and an American. What does he want? He wants MONEY! And nothing will stir up a bigger debate and therefore sell more copies as critisizing the Bible or Christianity. All he did was try to think up something controversial and he acheived it and is therefore a millionaire.

It may be all coincidence, I think the book doesn’t harm anyone.

Are you saying none of this book is true?

That Constantine did not rewrite the bible?

I don’t care what you say, I just want to know the truth about the Holy Grail.

XGod, Da Vinci wasn’t there at the time of Christ, but Jesus had formed a group, called the Priory of Sion. They were the trusted protectors of the Holy Grail. They passed on stories from generation to generation to knew Priory members, and Da Vinci, being a member, learned all the secrets and teachings of Christ.


Ever heard of the telephone game? Ya start out with a message and tell it to a person. They repeat it to someone, who repeats it. On and on, until the end of the line. At the end you find out if the message is the same, or how much it’s been butchered.

dude, the guy (dan brown) said himself that all he wrote about was a product of his imagination, he said that i think after his trial…

It’s his hand with the knife.

Imagine you had your hands on your hips and your arms at a 45 degree angle, that’s what he has.

i dont understand you…

Well, I must say, he uses a lot of fiction in it.

he does, and he mixes reality with fictions, and you get a sweet mix, i like the theory he made up, the one about jesus and how it was all made up, but i dont really like the end of the book, like the way it ends…

He’s been sued by 2 other guy’s who wrote that, and they were claiming he stole their idees(plagiarism).
The book he wrote is a mix of fiction and non-fiction( research), most of it is true, but to make it a little exiting(sp) he made some things up, otherwise he certainly would have been sued for plagiarism. And the guy’s who sued him, they did loads of research before writing it, and what do you belive, a book where we know nothing or verry little about, or a book composed by researching, and puzzeling with evidence?

Dan brown wasn’t judged for it , why? Because of his fictif addings, that’s why…

ps: i probably made some spelling/grammer mistakes, plz ignore it lol

Jesus and Mary Magdeline were not a pair. She was a prostitute who was forgiven by Jesus.
The Bible does not mention anything about Jesus being married. He came to love, heal, forgive and die for our sins.
Jesus had 12 disciples and Mary was not at the Last Supper. This is all according to the Holy Bible which is God’s Holy Word.

Just because something isn’t in the bible doesn’t mean it isn’t true, when it was written they may have thought it was superfolous information.

The bible was written by man, man is not perfect, thus the bible may have mistakes in it.

The Bible is God’s Word. It was inspired by God. There are no mistakes in the Bible…the Holy Bible.

Here is a warning from God’s Word…the Bible:
Revelation 22: 18,19
I warn everyone who hears the words of prophecy of this Book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this Book; if anyone takes away from the words of the Book of this prophecy, God will take away that person’s share in the Tree of Life and in the Holy City, which are described in this Book.

Trust in the Lord.

That quote says that anyone who changes the Bible will be punished, it does not say that it can’t be changed.

Therefore, those that sought eternal life from god, were punished eh Andy :wink:

Anyone who tries to change it will be punished.

The Bible is the greatest Book ever written and it will never be destroyed! That is one thing you can count on!

Ok then… so by your words of wisdom… all those that changed the bible for “easier” reading for kids, all those that interpreted the bible into other languages, all those that found genuine mistakes in the bible… and changed them… like… for instance… wasn’t it king john who changed the bible… to suit his own beliefs?

You know what I mean. Of course the Bible was changed to different languages for all people to read. It is what It says that cannot be changed.