lets rate runesape

lets rate runescape from 1/10-10/10

i vote 7/10 because of the graphics are bad

6/10 because the graphics suck, and you need to pay $5 a month to play members. Whereas you can get Guild Wars and play forever without monthly fees.

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i did…lol i made this thread

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6/10 because graphics aren’t that good and you need to pay for a membership and have some more things to do.

Graphics: 2/10: they really suck
Sound: 2/10, no sound, unless member, and even then they suck
Gameplay: 10/10, you can keep playing it :slight_smile:

Total: Gameplay matters the most to me so: 8/10

Graphics:6/10 Graphics are ok
Sound:8/10 The sound is pretty good
Gameplay:10/10 The Game Kicks ass

The game is awful, it has been killed. RS2 is horrid. GFX are bad, sound and music is worse and the overall game play is boring and un-eventful. I’m with Chrisak; Guild Wars is waaay better. Better everything, and its free online gameplay, even with members.

This isn’t a serious discussion or debate =P

But 4/10


I warned him before as well… 3 day ban…