Level 3 Clue Scrolls

Whats the easiest monster to get a lvl 3 clue scroll from?

Green dragons or greater demons. Though you can range or mage hell hounds and they drop lvl 3 trails more often.

ooo what lvl r they?

Level 122 so I suggest you stand behind something and mage/range them. They keep on killing me :roll:

err oh, r they the lowest lvl scroll 3 drop there is coxz if so i’m dammed.

Well. I’m not sure but I think level threes are kind of…not as good. I mean I can do 8 level 2 scrolls a day. But thats only if i can get the clue scrolls. If its only to make money I would stay with 2’s

8 level two scrolls a day? What do you kill, and where?

LOL Hockey and his on-going obsession with clue scrolls! He said if he is lucky enough to get that many he could finish 8 in a day.

lol he said if he can get 8 lvl 2’s. Where are hell hounds im workign on getting some god armor and i dont know where green drags are i dont like greaters to mane ppl pk me so can anyone tell me where hell hounds are and if i need to do a quest to get to where they are?

Hell hounds are found in taverly dungeon and also in a dungeon east of ardy, but I suggest taverly.

I am not obsessed with clue scrolls. I just refuse to train my range, magic, or combat up on anything that doesn’t drop clues.