Level 42 looking for clan

level 42 looking 4 a clan. Check out my stats below…

join the pillars of runescape. we accept all who wish to join. i will wait for your reply so please join.

or join dragonfear clan, we currectly have around 6 members after 1 day
we wish to be the pillars of runescapes allie please add me in game and tell me or just post on the dragonfear thread :!: if you want to join i will tell sequia0 and see if he wants you in our clan he is the other leader im the head leader hes the leader…or to get in pm him

Join my clan, the midget pirates. i am looking for members and you would be a good one

the website is http://www.freewebs.com/midget_pirates/ check it out!

join my clan “the legion of Gutharmak.”

Look at my post

‘The Legion of Gutharmak’
Members Only Clan
~People Killing Clan
~Creator - Al Paca1
~Advisor [Classified]

  1. Must have the Mark of Hazeel
  2. Must be level 40-59 to join (when I up more levels the level to join goes up as well)
  3. Must be a good archer or knight or any other type of warrior
  4. Must be able to wield Black and Mithrilium Armor

’ – Gutharmak Guard
’ – Gutharmak Warrior
’ – Gutharmak Knight
‘****’ – Gutharmak Elite
‘*****’ – Gutharmak Leader

’ – (Killing 0-4 people)
’ – (Killing 5-9 people)
’ – (Killing 10-14 people)
‘****’ – (Killing 15-19 people)
‘*****’ – (if you’re the leader of the clan)


‘*’ – Full Black Armor
Black Plate Body
Black Plate Legs
Black Halberd
White Hair (any style)
Red Fremmenick Cloak
Red Werewolf Gloves
Red Werewolf Boots

‘**’ – Full Black Armor
Black Plate Body
Black Plate Legs
Black Square Shield
Decorative Sword
Black Fremmenick Cloak
Red Werewolf Gloves
Red Werewolf Boots

‘***’ – Full Black Armor
Black Plate Body
Black Plate Legs
Black Kite Shield
Decorative Sword
Gold Fremmenick Cloak
Gold Fremmenick Gloves
Gold Fremmenick Boots

‘****’ – Full Mithrilium Armor
Mithrilium Plate Body
Mithrilium Plate Legs
Mithrilium Square Shield
Decorative Sword
Blue Normal Cape
Blue Werewolf Gloves
Blue Werewolf Boots


Every time you up a level, you are given 1000gp (1k) and of coarse is permitted to the next level of combat. At this level you will give me your old armor and I will give you new armor. If I happen to not be able to afford this armor, you will have to but it yourself and I will pay you back. Therefore, the armor and membership is absolutely free.

News and Announcements 

Meetings: on Sunday at 5:00pm we gather in our conference room which I will only tell where it is when you become a member and I will only tell it to you. If I hear or find out that anyone has revealed our hideout, they will be banned from “The Legion of Gutharmak.” We also have a backup hideout which won’t even be told to you unless we need to use it.
Allies: We wish to have allies to join with us to make our team a stronger legion and maybe even a gargantuan army or militias force.
Ranking: If you are the first one to join you will automatically become:

First person to join – Automatically Gutharmak King
Second person to join – Automatically Gutharmak Elite
Third person to join – Automatically Gutharmak Knight
Fourth person to join – Automatically Gutharmak Warrior
Fifth person to join - Automatically Gutharmak Guard

Rules for Members 
  1. If we’re in the wilderness, you are not allowed to fight any other members in the gang. Therefore, I have issued that I am going to be the strongest person in the clan so may no one take our clan over by killing me and all the other teammates. I swear, I will not kill my own teammates.
  2. Must be loyal and trustworthy
  3. Must get along with each teammate in the clan
  4. Show no mercy unless I wish it to be done
Wilderness Uniform 

In one level I can smith full Steel Armor, so, but until I get that 1 level up, our Wilderness Uniform is Full Iron. (Soon to be changed) If you do not wish to wear an Iron or Steel uniform for the Wilderness, that is fine to wear any other clothing.

Applying for Membership 

To apply for membership to this clan, please put your:

Runescape name
Combat Level
Your Attack Stats
Your Strength Stats
Your Hit Point Stats
Your Defense Stats
Then your first and second best stats

I will choose the people to join. Another way to join is to PM me in the Runescape game
My username is Al Paca1