Level 60 to 70 pk trip right now!!!!

Post here if you wanna come
World 57 meet me in edgeville

ill come im level 67

k cool
anyone else?
and were meeting in edgeville now

Wow, RSR was massacred…

I told you not to go to hillgiants…hahaha.

lol ya…

I didn’t mind losing the Rune 2hander and the Rune Scimmy, but now I have to get a whole new iron set :(.

lol i could get you an iron set
I lost like 200 chaos

You got owned?

ya and were going again if anyone wants to come

i didnt get ownd I OWND THEM

i will come gandalf 2019
strength-55(i pot as well)

pindini your already on my friends list =)

anyone else???

no body wants to pk right now i guess-.-

lol ya…

Ill come. Go to world 20 Edgeville, a lot of people in 20.