level 71 looking 4 clan

post me, pm me, or pm me in game rs name:iamcoolru
not a pure but wants to be in clan
hit points:58

site links:



Runescape Raiders is a new, friendly, active and successful clan. we are currently looking to make ourselves into a stronger and bigger clan. Rsraiders needs you! we have several pk trips and other events in the week, and shall be declaring war when our numbers increase.
clan cape: purple
swift switch irc chat channel: #runescaperaiders

Rsraiders requirements are 70+ combat, but applicants with 50+ combat with 70+ magic, range or strength will also be accepted. but before applying please read the pinned topic at the top of the joining forum and read the rules in the news section when you have been accepted.
joining up is simple, just go onto our site, create an account, read the application form, copy it and fill it in on a thread in the joining forum. then all you need to do is wait for me or footynut to upgrade you to an official member.
so click on one of the links above and you will be brought straight to our forums, here is us in action:

Join Saradomin Soldiers

  1. Introduction

  2. How to Apply

  3. How to Allie

  4. Events

  5. Conclusion

  6. Introduction

Hi I have just started this clan April 15th!! We are new but when we get people I know we will be good!! Our cape color is blue for F2p and a sara cape or wildy cape that’s blue for P2p!! We are F2p and P2p and you need 60+ combat or 55+ mage or range 50+ combat junior member!!

  1. How to Apply

You must have 60+ combat or 55+ mage or range or 50+ combat junior member to join!! When you get to the forum then find apply here and copy and paste the application format into a new topic!! Then after you apply you must register and introduce yourself. The forums site is http://s9.invisionfree.com/Saradomin_Soldiers.

  1. How to Allie

When you go to the forums then you find the forum alliance. After that you will copy and paste the application format into a new topic and wait till one of our leaders or co leaders to accept you. When you are accept you must register.

  1. Events

We will have the events as follows!!!

  1. Snowball Fight

  2. Wars

  3. Pk Trips

  4. P2p Kalphite Queen

  5. P2p KBD

  6. Training Trips (any stat)

  7. P2p Fishing Trawler

  8. P2p Castle Wars

  9. P2p Fight Pits

  10. Conclusion

That is all about the clan and I hope you like us and I will update are events when I get more and we get more active!! Please join us and have a great time!!

ha join my clan the Knights of zamorak… saradomin ha and again ha. join me we need the recruits. we shall strike fear into all hearts. kill kil;l kill thats all u need to do and kill all the saradominians mwahahahaha. read more about my clan in the clan forums u shall see Kngihts of zamorak.

we own you Mwahahahah!!!

The Runescape Crusaders

If you want to join an organized, friendly, and wise clan with weekly events and PKing trips, look no further.



  • 60+ Combat with 50+ in Two Non-Combat Skills
  • 60+ Combat with 70+ Mage or Range
  • 50+ Combat with 2 Non-Combat Skills Over 60


  • Firefests
  • Gang Wars
  • Friendly Wars
  • Team Training
  • Clan Meetings
  • Snowball Fights
  • Congratulation Parties


  • Weekly Trips
  • Usually Friday & Sunday
  • F2P and P2P Pking
  • Multi Combat Zones

Drop Parties:

  • Fueled by donations, and Pking trip drops.
  • Our last Drop Party was well into the Millions mark for worth.
  • Very Organized and Fair
  • Possibly Questions for Prizes

So again, if you are looking for an active clan with many events, and very helpful at that look no further.


TUP (The Ultimate Pkers) is having a recruit run! Make sure to join them they are also in a stage of fun wars where we are declaring fun wars tons like 1-2 every week!

The Requirements: 65+ Combat OR 55+ Range OR 55+ Magic.
The requirements might have a change but if you sign-up before the change is done you WON’T get kicked out.

Our allies:
Clan heavy blade
The guthix clan
Pack of pride

Clan Forum: http://s13.invisionfree.com/ultimate_pkers/index.php?act=idx

Brief clan history:
Well our clan first started on September 3rd 2005. We started opening up our recuitments and having pk trips shortly after. Bye december we had almost 100 members, but then tragety struck as the s13 invision servers crashed. Due to not being able go on the forums we lost many of our members who thought the clan was finished. By the end of January when we had set ourselves up as a clan we found our first enimies Demons of Runescape. We crushed them quikly before they new what they were doing the war was over. Now we still are gaining members and allies. Recently we have had war declared by the uff movement however they have pretty much fell apart so we have not had our war with them.
Our current war record is 1 Win 0 Loss 0 Ties and 2 that never fought us.

As i have mentioned earlier we have started a war run and we have 2 wars kind of scheduled this week we just need to find out the time and place.

I hope you like the clan and have a nice stay!

-Wizard wusa

We are the phoenix fighters; we aim at levels 40+ but those slightly less that 40 can enter.
If you are interested please fill out the application below.orcontact me (elvivo1) on the game

Combat lvl:
Range lvl:
Mage lvl:
Best non combat skill:
Will you be loyal? :
what is you time zone?:
Will you donate to the clan?:


  1. Follow jagex rules
  2. Respect any other member
  3. Trouble makers will be thrown out
  4. No multi-clanning
  5. Have fun =D
    Punishments vary from having to do tasks for the clan and being permanently banned.


elvivo1 (that’s me=D )-combat 58

—Second in command—


— elvivo1 — Level 58
—4o def ownz—
—stargate kid—
–n k puremage—
—cute n wild7—
—p kaustin—
—Permanently banned members—

We go by GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
This is the u.k.
We allow any1 from any countries but it is up to you to join clan activities.
All meetings held world 105(non-mem) at our head quarters which is at edgeville upstairs the general store. All meetings and events are held by GMT.

Monday-clan meeting-7pm -at HQ
Tuesday-day off
Wednesday-short pking trip, or another option chosen by members, meet at HQ 7pm.
Thursday-train up a skill of your choice.
Friday-clan meeting-7pm HQ
Sat-long pking trip! 7pm, meet at HQ.
Sun-day off

Clan Website: www.redbladehunters.co.uk

The Red Blade Hunters clan is a fast-growing and powerful 65+ Combat clan, with dedicated, active members and a strong, undefeated war history. With regular PK trips, non-combat activities and an active, friendly forum and community, it’s no wonder that RBH is one of the best clans of their level out there.

Our clan is friendly to many different timezones, including GMT, EST and AEST.

Gangsterprt2| Benjiben10
CHC999 Evil

War Officers

Lower Council
Faelenof | Neogeoeugene

Our requirements are: (you only need one to qualify)

  • 65+ Combat
  • 60+ Combat with 72+ Strength
  • 60+ Combat with 72+ Mage
  • 60+ Combat with 72+ Range

To join RBH, just register on our forums (www.redbladehunters.co.uk) and post a new topic in the ‘Joining’ forum, filling out the following application form:

RS Name:
Type of Fighter:
Combat level:
Mage, Range or Strength lvl:
Best Non-Combat Stats:
Previous Clan(s):
Why did you leave your previous clan(s):
How did you find out about this clan:
Why do you want to join this clan:
What city/country do you live in:
Did you know if you dont post three posts a week you will be kicked from the clan?:

Join RBH today!

Clan Website: www.redbladehunters.co.uk

We are a brand new clan. We are currently undecided if its a pk or anti-pk clan. Myself, the leader, used to be part of the wilderness guardians till i quit rs for a bit and left the WG. We have a clan website that is there for information.


please go on it and apply for it if u meet the requirements.

Current requirements are:

70+ combat
60+ combat with 60+ range or 60+ magic
65+ woodcutting and/or 50+ Fletching(Members Only)
50+ cooking and fishing(for now)
50+ mining and smithing(for now)

When we have many members we will do anual events such as drop parties, Kalphite Queen runs(members only), treasure hunts, KBD trips(members only)
and Pk trips(if we decide to be pk clan, plus occasional clan wars.

I will be assigning leaders and mods for the clan and website, so the first few to join if they wish may become 1 of these if they are worthy of the spot.

Hello i am the leader of the assassins of night clan we have 47 (one unregistered) members. I’m level 93. Our highest level is 101. Our average is about 78. We have a new forum so not every1 has regestered there. Our website is http://assassinsofnight.myfreeforum.org. we have many events including castle wars, tzhaar fight pits, f2p pk trips, we will do p2p when we get more people coming regurly, kbd, 'fun events, fundraisers, drop partys for some holidays, and you can host your own event just don’t overlap any other events pre plannedthat are posted. Requirements is level 40+ though some exceptions may vary. Lvl 30+ with a Referall.


Ze Bloodz

These are just some i just started taking pics last events so only ones i have

note: we are purly a freeplay clan so all events in f2p worlds.
cape color: blue
world: 76

-sparkmastersx (68)
-soccer0531 (70)
-keum800 (44) pure

Req: If you want to Join us you will need 1 of the following requriements.

for a warrior/fighter
65+ combat or
60+ range or
60+ mage

To be a worker:
40+ in fishing and cooking
40+ in mineing and smithing

we have a few openings so if u join u can get a good rank:
1 open warlord spot: finds wars for us and gets some equpment for it
2 open employee spots: works for us, gets us food or armor in return for money or other goods
2 moderaters: watches over the forums to keep it in order
2 Head councils: runs meetings and thinks of new ideas for the clan to inmprove it
1 sargent wild leader: leads pk trips and wars and other events in wilderness

so those are our openings.

we also have a shop whichh we have 3 workers. we take orders and they fill it the n upay us for it. so if you want to work for it then sign up as a employee.

Events: we will be having many of the following events.
Wars: many
pk trips weekly
snowball fights
battle royal
range compitions
mage compitions
and many more

we are having a war this saturday so join now and participate in it.

How to Join: just come to our forums and then apply in (apply to join section) and then register.
You will have to wait for me to validate your account before axcessing the entire forum., once your application is acceepted i will validate it.

here is the link: http://s9.invisionfree.com/Royalty_Of_Sage/