level 85 looking for clan

str 69 attk 69 def 69 hp 69 prayer 49

you can join my sig.lol. ill create a clan today

join stone warriors but ask ice shielder first

i got a clan. you can join. just register and ill finish it today, its


lol join stone warriors!!!go here www.s13.invisionfree.com/stonewarriors

Chef Ruiqi… Ok you got this 1. ok !!!Lol!!!

:stuck_out_tongue: i get everyone :wink:

just wait until weve met again!!(Lol)

uh huh, well if you want more info on sw here you go

Made by Kupitan

The Stone Warriors were once made from the VikingsofRunescape. Now there are more members and stricter rules. We have 3 scheduled pking trips a week, we consintrate more on pking, we even pk sometimes if there are alot of people on. But ofcourse we have more events than just pking.

The new requirments are

Joining as Melee:
*Lvl 60+ combat
*Addy armor+

Joining as archer:
*lvl 50+ range
*Green Dragon

Joining as mage:
*lvl 50+ magic
*Able to supply your own runes

Here are the clan rules

  1. No spaming

  2. No disrespecting clan leaders or clan members

  3. Must obey orders from clan members who are in a higher posistion than you are.
    if it is a crazy order like kill yourself or give me all your stuff then report the person who told you to do that thing to jillmickel,ice shielder,

  4. No killing other clan members in wildy

  5. No being in other clans

  6. No lying about being hacked or killed, if one of those do happen to you then ask for somthing maybe once but thats you problem if you get hacked or if you die because it happens all the time so i don’t expect anybody to give you much

  7. No begging

****Failing to follow any of these rules may result in you being kicked out of the clan regardless of your position.

***For now if you join clan as a mage, range, or melee then that doesn’t neccesarly mean that’s what you need to come as to a war, or pking, but it is recommened that you do at wars, sometimes on certain wars you will be asked to do so.


Here are a few pics

last war pics(addy war) (we only had about 20 members then)

pking after the war

other pking trips

(second one seems like we didnt have many people. But we did they were just all bunched up in a few spots.)

You should join the Warriors of the Shadow, we have 19 members, we have our own website at…


This is the page on RSR

ice shielder!!!how in heavens did u find here?and sorry didnt go to iron war cuz my mom left me the “buddy” making comp and it laggs…she took the good comp to bultamore :mad:do u want a buddy thoe?cuz i can make u any kind of buddy :slight_smile:

lol… thats funni that you lag. thats what some people hate

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you hte me??

maybe,maybe not

What you mean by that?

dunno and lets not spam this