Level 93 considering clans

As the title says, I am currently a level 93 combat and am considering clans. There are 2 that I am already considering, but also want to see what others may suggest. Please do not post any new clans, or clans with requirements less than 80+, as I have just left a long standing clan that is 70+ and will not consider clans that would be a step down for me.

A little about me:

I have been with The Blue Dragons for a very long time, and have just left on good terms. I will remain a friend and advisor to the clan. During my tenure in BDC I served on the clans council, served as co-leader of the clans junior division, and served as leader of the clans junior division. Since stepping down as leader of the junior division (this was my choice that was made in order to help build up another deserving clan member), I have served as a diplomat to our allies and worked as intelligence for the clan.

Thank you for your time and reading this. I await responses.

Be Well.

beggers cant be choosers, lol, if i was lvl 80 i would start a 80+ clan but im only 74 and the clan i have is 55+ obviously, it dont “meet” your standards, lol, but once i become higher lvl and get alot of high lvers in the clan, you can gladly join then lol. The highest lvl in my clan now is 110, its sad because i run the clan, but he could kill me faster than i can snap my fingers lol.

Well Im not exactly a beggar, but then again I dont know if slap was referring to himself or to me. :roll:

So are there any clans that are interested in me?

Ever change your mind about clan requirements mate, give the Moriquendi a glance over. Fast becoming a big pillar, rated within the top 30 Clans of Runescape on the Tip.It Forums.

I know you mentioned 80+ reqs, just if you’re browsing around give us a look over.

Ok, I’ll at least have a look. Thanks.

Beggars cant be choosers is a saying used alot, if you dont understand what it means than you have a little bit of problems. And how exactly am i begging, lets say something smarter next time. Its not like im gonna beg you to join my clan, because i could care less. I was just saying you arent gonna find many high lvl clans, most clans have lower lvls too.

Well in that case you need to check your own intelligence level my friend. I know what the saying means and I certainly am not begging anyone to take me. I dont need to beg to be in a clan.

And so that you will be informed, there are several high level clans that have requirements of 80+, 90+ and 100+ combat; as well as clans with high hp requirements that are 70+, 80+ and 90+

So if the only thing that you can do is flame…please stay off of my thread. I am here to search for the clan that will suit me the best, not to argue with the likes of you.

Be well. :smiley:

Feel Free to check out clan Freedom Fighters, we are fairly active, and have all sorts of trips, and are of a decent level of strength.

The combat requirement is 80, checkout our forums


ha, your such an idiot, i hope that when im on my friends acct playign that i see you in wild, so then, i can kill you and take your stuff.

Dedmen, thank you. I will check your site.

Slappy, again I say…if all you are here to do is talk trash, then go away moron.