Level 97 in full drag owned in non stake-pics

Just messing around at the dueling arena with my dds, d scimmy and whip when I come to this fight with a level 97 in full dragon. Beginning of the fight I turn on str and attack prayers and use up all my dds specials. I didn’t even have to switch over the the d scimmy or whip, he was owned. Non stake, but i thought it was pretty cool. You can critisize me and say that i ate or something, but I don’t really care what you think. The guy had a whip and obby shield… btw, my cb is 84.

Enjoy :wink:

nice I owned a lvl 102 today. Im combat 90. The impressive thing was that we were both in full dharocks but he had rune boots, obby cape, fury and berserker ring and i had sara cape, climbing boots and glory

the point is? you killed someone with a higher lvl than you? or cause he has full drag -.-

It’s cause he has full drag (like 300+ to def i think)…

Not that bad i owned lvl 79 at 59 (non pure)… :smiley:


nice is he a pmod?if he isnt then i thought i saw him somewhere in f2p world

full drag is not that great, so he lost?..not a big deal

Wow, one of you guys has glitched stats just like everyone else lol.

But i think the duel arena has to do with odds. By the way, Dds special= 2 times faster than whip hits.

And whip has a slash attack so rune plate body is stronger against slash attack. and a Dds uses a stab and since he has a d chain the stab attack goes through the holes and hits harder.

Full drag isnt even that great. a lil bit better then rune, but owned by barrows equipment. but the 84-97 difference is good ownage :wink: good job

fuccking owned OMFG KEEP IT UP K

Reason I posted this is because I thought it was interesting that I killed a level 97 with full dragon+whip and obby shield barely losing any health. Meh, maybe full drag isn’t that great but it’s better than rune.

And icetaz, its both+the fact he had a whip

He wasn’t a pmod.

Hmm, Recoil? You kept on asking me about it yesterday -.-


Nope, the recoil ran out before that fight.

Are you nutz!! Dragon chain owns rune plate.
the d chain:
+81 Stab
+93 Slash
+98 Crush
-3 Magic
+82 Range

rune plate:
+82 stab
+80 slash
+72 crush
-6 magic
+80 Range

Now which is better? Also i realized why d chain is 20 M, not because it is hard to get and very rare drop but you dont need to constantly repair it (i.e. barrows have to be repaired).

But Nightshade, you have used a dagger, which the chain had -1 less stab defence. Also, using the prayers might have contributed your victory. But if you had used ur schimmy, or didn’t activated your prayers, you would be dead.