LEVEl 99 RANGE!!!!!


that’s not funny

i smell a lock and ban coming soon

islam sucks

Perm ban, I guess. Baibai, You.

dude thats f***ed up

Someone still needs to lock this, I’m not able to do so here.


And we do need a few more Off-Topic Mods…

For this and ON-Topic section.

that’s not nice :frown:

Hmm, we’ve already got me, Phoenix, Kupiton and Lutenist. We’re still “apprentice’s”, though. We need to prove ourselves worthy for modding somewhere else.

can’t you lock this alias?


Apprentices… wasn’t that my idea?

And No, he can’t.

I already said no… I don’t have any powers in here.

Hehe, Ari. I don’t know if you did.

It would have been funny you (who is now banned) said it was a joke. But that’s just not funny.