i think on rs you should have lightsaber and there should be bronze lightsabers, iron lightsabers etc,etc till crystal lightsaber and you can make them after you have completed the return of the evil jedi quest

rate it! 1 is the worst 10 is the best

Did they have lightsabers in mideval times?
No, that’s what I thought…but I guess that would be kind of cool.

You already made a topic about this this, and if you want to play a Star Wars MMORPG, play Star Wars Galaxies

how would u have a bronze light saber if the blade is pure energy :confused:, unless ur refering to the hilt…

DUDE go to a star wars forum, this post is totally out of place.
WHAT? Jedi are from the MOVIES not medieval times, duh.
THIS IS A MEDIEVAL GAME in case u didnt notice.

i will walk away slowly…we will never speak of this again…

ok this game isn’t called star wars…1/10 :S

this is not star wars. geez.

Three words for you… what the f**k…

same here as chaser…and they already have lightsabers, it’s called swords and longswords…

Worst idea ever, how the hell can u get bronze, iron etc when they are madefrom lazers?

ROFL!You’re kidding right?This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard…I’d give it a

Wow, this is getting out of hand. Mods, block this topic. Oh yeah 1/10.


Jeez guys! Stop The Flamefest!!!

Mods!!! Plz Lock!!

I don’t care how rediculous a suggestion is, DO NOT EVER flame a person for their suggestion. Flamming is never welcomed on RSR. :mad:

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