Like Awmagawd!

My max as of now…


Wow, thats really good, what is your strength level by the way?

  1. I only prayed.


ive hit betetr…lawl

^^I’m only lvl 86, and didn’t pot.


you also know that the armor and weapon make you hit better when your hp turns out to be exceedingly low? well, now you do.

Nice, but you still wish you could match my max hit of 10.00000000!

That’s why my hp bar is low…


i know…that was the whole point of my post was that i noticed your health bar exceedingly low…maybe only being 3-4 hp at that moment…

Nice :slight_smile:

You can probably hit higher though :smiley:

Not bad, but i hit 33s at level 65. Thats without Dharoks.

with what?

and also i was thinking even though u hit a 35, u were still being owned but u were only like that for high hits.

I used to hit way harder.

still a good hit :smiley:

keep it up =)