like twins u know...

well I was walkin around a bit in fally lookin for a good deal but then i saw this: cool huh and I asked them if I can post a pic of them on rsr and they both sed sure… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol yeah, I got twins on rsc. Lil owz u, iil owz u (in rsc iil looks like lil)

its prob fake

no I swear it’s not fake (although I hate swearing) wait a sec… I are you the one who said to me nintendo sux? if so ur rying to crack me down again! and I repeat: it’s not fake! U see they are both standin different! and I can;t make a fake of a guy cuz i’m a girl on RS and I don’t even have a pirate hat and a D-ammy

Why would it have to be fake? Thats very possable, two friends could easily just get the same outfit, and the pirate hat isnt very expensive, not expensive at all, I think its real.

ty ixlf00bixl u trust me…

Thats pretty cool, this one time I found this guy wearing the exact same stuff I was, it was wierd.

Yeah some twins actually play rs like that! I saw 2 girls that have thir characters look alike! Lol, pretty creative…