lindsay lohan

i heard on thew radio that some people r suggesting that she go into 2 pplayboy wat do u think should she

yes i think she could…if she stays away from he parents :lol:

I voted yes! :smiley:

I voted yes! I would get my hands on that magazine faster than anyone ever could!

lol nicley put auron…oof i think id drill her a new hole…lol


Whatever could you mean Kicks? :wink:

lol what oh nothing did i type that out loud…lol well srry ill let u guys use your imagination…


I’m plenty good at that…

She definately should pose!!! :lol:

If you voted NO your kinda wierd…
I heard about this on TV, she said that she wasn’t going to do it… bummer…

You two are pathetic. Why don’t you quit degrading women.

how r we degrading woman shes hot she knows it and flaunts it…so srry that i like gurls and would want to see it…


Anyone who looks at pornography is really stupid.

Anyone who doesn’t is a little kid who hasn’t gone through puberty yet…

Yeah right. I’m sure that you’ve never looked at porn yourself. Every guy who’s learned about sexy, naked women looks at it!

Yeah! I’m sure she’d want a couple of dorky nerds checkin her out in their dads’ collection of porn mags.

Personally I think it wouldn’t help her acting or singing career much, but if she wants to do it thats her prerogative.

Most girls like her don’t care who sees her naked in a magazine.

Most girls? So you talk to girls about this kind of thing? Or at least, “Girls like her”?

Are you trying to tell me that a beautiful sexy young woman, just blossoming into adulthood, wouldn’t want to show off her body? Most female celebrities do some sort of porno magazine sometime in their lives. Are you also trying to say that you wouldn’t want to see Lindsey Lohan naked? I think a woman’s body is one of the most beautiful things in the world.