lindsay vs hilary

whos hotter?lindsay or hilary?

its the question as old as time. but do a poll man lol… i think hilary is way hotter but its only my opinion

I don’t like either of them

they arent hot :lol:
and i dont like either of them

Yeah they are all anybody talks about, and I’m personally getting sick of them

Nicole Richie,cause they both suck.

They’re both really hot, but I think Lindsey is a little hotter.

I think they both are but I think Hillary is a little bit hotter… But she’s way overrated… Kinda like the Olsen Twins… (Thank goodness people have stopped talking about them… I was about to explode when I saw the 100th “Get the Olsen Twins Insert propaganda item/toy/accesory here now for just Insert some random price” commercial within an hour… Well a bit exaggerated but there were a LOT of those commericals… They were lame anyways… But yeah you got my opinion…

These same topics keep being repeated. I am locking this topic.