Little ***** Lol

that frog guys a fag i pmed him on aim and he was all like “your a 10 year old” and he said htat…like…50 times…and thats all he wud say and hes an uptight little ***** too hes always like “you mispelled this!!!1111111” then he told me to get a life lol i think he was just mad cuz he cudnt come up with something better to say other then that so here frog dude im 20 im in college i have a gf i skate and i barely go on a computer so im not like u who sits in front of his computer all day acting liek ur all mature then sayin shit to ppl cuz they arent uptight little *****es like u k little kid?lol japan told me to **** aroudn with that kid cuz it wud be funny so i got on a computer at a coffee shop to do it lmao well jsut wanted to say ur a little *****…cant say it on aim cuz u ****in blocked me and my time running out at this place so cya fag

If you have a complain like this, then you should talk to a moderator. THreads like this get locked asap.

Speaking of which…