Lmao another one!

Dear Runescape Member,

We would like to inform you that the second stage of registration has begun!
We are still accepting additional Game Masters also called MODS,
Because the game is getting bigger each day.

Note that this message isn’t for all members,
We only picked the people who are online 2/3 hours a day and approx 12 hours a week.
And we also want people that never cheated and know how to play Runescape,
With hints, and someone who always can help other people with Price checks.

If you want to be a MOD, Then send now your Applications again!
We will message you when we got the mods.

Also we want some information about you,
Where you live, age, name etc.
Please fill it in again - click the link bellow :


We will message you when the application is over.

Yours Sincerely,

The RuneScape Customer Service Team.

The link doesn’t go to Runescape. I won’t post it because it definitely is a scam. They mispelled words on the page lol.

:o GC got this one already, in my whole life I have never got one of these Emails…