LMAO, funny pic.

LMAO, plz rate this…pretty simple. I sure thought it was funny.


6/10 its ok

lmfao that is freaking funny

lol. I’ve seen that done before but with fires/ashes. It’s alright but it might offend some people. 6/10.


lol thnx for the ratings. and sry i didnt mean it to offend anyone lol i just thought it was hilarious!

8.5/10 pretty good. yeah i’ve seen it done with ppl.

8/10 Heh, that was a knee slapper. :lol:

haha nice 10/10 :slight_smile:

ROFL, that is hilarious!

lol nice dude. i hope no one reports u. i hope u kept the fish tho.

rofl thats really funny ive seen that done with ashes and burnt fish though. either way its really funny. 9/10

lol yea hope i dont get reported :slight_smile: all in the spirit of fun though. lol.

meh its ok… 7/10

HAHA… lmao! That’s pretty good. Again… seen that with fires before but yeah… it’s funny every time ! :stuck_out_tongue: …Especially on the map!

lol… 7/10… its ok… though i have seen it done before, and yeh, it’s funny :wink:

LOL, that is pretty funny… 9/10… But yeah, I saw a pic of someone creating the Nazi symbol with fires and it looked like it on the map… Though it did offend some people though… Funny… Good job though…

5.5/10 it’s OK.

lol yea i know its original but i still think its funny, next time i have a drop party im gonnna drop my items like that though :slight_smile:

lol 8/10 thats good