ahh not that funny seen funnier like full bronze :smiley: for full rune


Umm… why is it funny?

whats that paper stuff??

Not funny but it did give me a smurk! lol pretty bad offer of him/her…

theres no paper stuff…

i dont c anything funny…just a crappy trade. O I C NOW!!! hahha ur right. goldenman’s name IS funny! hohoho

ppl dont get anything do they shakes head dissapointingly

Lmao, I don’t see the point either.

lol not worth it.
sickmate 8)

i hate everyone that posted something before this

well we hate u to. have a nice day. im loggin for the night

I don’t get it. It just says, nevermind.

i changed it bcuz every1 got pised at me

god dam :censored: noobs !!! i swear ill :censored:ing kill ur :censored: ass
wow/… i just flamed sry about that, but this is a waste of room u spammer

this is my new offical smiley: :censored:

Nice… “nevermind” great picture!

Wow, I will give you a 10/10 for that nevermind thingy! Great job! Your as good as Jolio now! Sarcastic