i had to screen this it was so funni, i got a pm from addstm the other day that sed this:

and was all because of 1 post i have ever wrote in 1 thread that i hav ever looked at:

addstm, id say ur the jerk with the problem, just because u think u know everything there is to know about rs, u think other ppl dont know wen ur trying to rip them? o and u think ur above a bit of friendly advice jus cuz ur combat is above 90? rofl!!! get a life kid and stop makin a fool of yaself, ur gettin paranoid over a GAME.

Increase the size of you’re pics man…

Try clicking on them…man.

You taking me for an idiot? What ya think I did noob?

Lol nice…yes he is quite a fr00b.

Eh I think your an idiot for even posting this dont start fights on other peoples threads.

I’m not trying to make you look like an idiot. He just used the thumbnail option for the pics. Also, congratulations for using the most over rated and over used word in the world. Man.

orange and titan calling me a noob. pffft. My total level is higher than both of yours combined. Try starting a fight with somebody who you might actually be able to compete with. Kids.

why cant we all just be friends? granted the guy might be a little irrational, but its sparking noob and froob calling. barney says group hug. :stuck_out_tongue:

i love you, you love me, were a happy family, with a great big hug and a shot from me to you,wont you say you love me tooooooooooo?

be cool

lol. I’m not fighting. I just made a point and he retaliated. End of story. Anyways, I dont like Barney so the group hug is out of the question. :smiley:

lol yeah listen to sharperthatsharp he is very sharp

Lol that stuck up hi lvl, he’s a noob beacause he thinks hes better than everybody else.

take him to the wildy and poon that froob lol

Thats funny. To begin with. I never said i was “better” than anyone else. I clearly stated that my total level was higher than both of theirs combined due to the fact they called me a “noob.” The most over used word. Half the people who use this word just say it because they heard it one day or because they think its funny. If any of those two would like a death match with me, well. Say the word.

Your better than me :p. Anyways, noob is an overused term that many people use bcuz they are in fact “noobs” (younger ones are called “nooblets”). People shouldn’t always be insulting or calling other people names, especially at such a fun runescape community.

I agree. People are so quick to blow up on here from comments that arent directed at them in a bad way. I think people should slow their roll and not jump to conclusions. Oh, and your better than me because you have a green phat. :eek:

the voice of all reason :yes: