Lobbie Sale

Selling lobbies, put orders here if wanted.
I currently have 44, gettin 27 lobbies per 5-7mins!
Name price, i try to sell in bulk as much as possible!

Ok… I am selling 216 Lobbies for…45k(negotiable)
I will get more if i sucessfully sell these!

Raw or cooked?

i take 100 raw lobbies for 10k

ill take 1k raw lobs for 150 each 150k please? tell me if u will do this k?

ill buy 1k raw lobbies for 150k. Add me in the game to sell please :slight_smile:

ill buy like 4k raw lobs ill buy from u at 175 gp ea thats 700k for all better than all the other ones so far rsn is codness1 i need tons and fast if thats possible

ill buy 1k lobs off u for 160k

msg me at steve9100 in the game

ill take 600 for 60k or 200 for 20k your choice

ill buy 2k raw lobs for 350k

i buy raw lobbies 200ea