Lobster buyer wanted

hi im looking for a lobster buyer that buys a lot of lobbies off me. I sell cooked lobbs for 200gp. If thats too high post here to suggest what price it should be. :wink:

I buy uncooked 75 each

will u trd for a rune kite
if so contact me on rs2 as aznpirate

what does that have to do with buyin lobsters? :?

dat kool

santa if u make that 100gp each its a deal :wink:

I’ll buy all uncooked 100 each, talk to me in game.

deal, Ur rs name is sportfreak56 right?

heh heh…
uncooked 100 each…
i’d do that but…
my friend, goes to catherby and gets me raw lobbies for 50 each. at first she charged 10, but i gave her 50 apeice b/c 10 is ripping her off and im not that evil… most of the time, anyway

ill buy all raw lobster 150 each.
ill buy 1000 or more at a time.

okay but ill sell u more like 100-300 a time

get 500 a time then