Lobster Market

Im starting a temporary Lobster market for those who are looking
to use cooked or raw lobsters. Just reply on here placing your orders.
this will be on a first reply first serve basis, so bare with me i will get to everyone. My prices are as following:

Raw Lobsters 100gp each

Cooked Lobsters 225 gp each

I ’ ll take 1k raw lobbies for 100k plz.

RS name is Sparowhawk30

Do u buy lobbies for merchanting eg i fish 4 u

I’ll buy 3k raw lobs for 300k!
My rsn is Magingkilla or Laualvin177.

ill take 3k raw lobs for 300k

1k raw lobbies

rsn: grommet1131

rsn-The faddy
order-Ill take 1k raw lobbies

Runescape name: v keifi v

order: 10k raw lobsters and 5k cooked lobbys

I buy all for 2125k (2,125m) :stuck_out_tongue: